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Educational and Informational Resources

This Page is Dedicated to helping the general public, and those interested in the Works of the House of Aion and Aion Psychodynamic Coaching (Programs, Projects, and Organizations) become better informed regarding certain terminology, concepts, ideas, and so on that deeply inform, or are direct byproducts of, House of Aion and its affiliated Organizations, including but not limited to, Aion Psychodynamic Coaching. 

We hope this page is found to be supportive in your journey, whether it be for simply personal education, as a current or potential client, or as a donor.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding the topics and ideas discussed here, or with any feedback or requests regarding said topics, or topics you would like to have us share our thoughts on (please allow 5-7business days for us to respond).


Thank You. 


Educational and Informational Links: (Continually being added to)

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