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What does "Phantasy" mean?

For the Individual, "Phantasy" is, in origin, a psychoanalytic term; which, in general - is taken to mean the unconscious imaginings or ideas related to the unfulfillment of previously expressed needs (originally in unconscious ways as a child - though certainly this process manifests throughout life) projecting an amalgamation of hopes, dreams, and wishes which manifest as an immature (i.e. "underdeveloped", due to a lack, or absence, of experience) "hypothesis" - based on what has been introjected and internalized from familial, societal, and cultural conditioning - as to what the potential fulfillment of those needs could be via said conditioning.

As such, the "Problem" of Phantasy can be seen via the definition offered above in that much of (though, to be clear, not all of) what we hope, dream, and imagine "fulfillment" - and thus "wholeness" - to be is based on what has been introjected and/or internalized via systemic conditioning. In other words, our hypothesis - or as Adler calls it, our "Life-Plan" - is built on artificial constructs of "reality".

Collectively, or in spiritually esoteric terms, we can call the total of all Phantasy to be "Maya" (Vedanta) or "Demiurge" (Platonism), "Yaldabaoth" or "The Evil" (Gnosticism), and so on. 

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