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William is a deep beautiful man, whose personal work and extensive knowledge of depth psychology and awareness, makes him the ideal guide to take someone into the depths of their psyche. William sees in profound ways - ways that never pathologizes, but always offers a certain grace to what he bears witness to.

David Bedrick- JD, Therapist, Teacher, Attorney & Author of "You Can't Judge a Body by its Cover"


William exceeded my expectations when it came to coaching. Prior to working with him I had worked with coaches that in my experience were coaches without real experience under their belt. They were coaching from a place of lack of understanding. He has a specific way of helping you break down dysfunctional thinking and patterns so that you are able to really excel in any area that is feeling "stuck". I am grateful and humbled working with him. I recommend anyone that is willing to really take a deep dive into their mind to work with William. I suggest a minimum of 3 months because of the integration and alchemy you go through. He is a great support for all of those stages. He has done the work himself which he has a greater understanding and inner knowing when it comes to you doing the work. The reality of someone else understanding the work makes it really powerful! Him doing it for himself and it shows when it comes to him working with you. You FEEL it!

Ceally Smith - Founder of Conscious Entrepreneurs


William has helped me tremendously to navigate into my subconscious, identify, progress through narratives and traumas in my mind that influence my life. Why am I wired so? Why am I compelled to care so deeply about the fate of others? What effects truly has my mom's earlier passing had on my life? Why has saying "I love you" to another been such an uncomfortable thing for me to say, up to this point? Already, after all 3 months worth of work together with William, I'm finding answers to these questions, and many more. I'm feeling myself grow more familiar with myself, more comfortable and certain in my own skin, and more "in charge" of my life. Without question, I'm beyond excited to continue my journey with William to see to where he continues to lead me. 

Matt Perna - Freedom Coach


I have had the honor of working with William Apple  during the past year and in doing so, have been so blessed to be on the receiving end of the gifts William brings to this world with his wisdom, teachings and devotion. His mastery practice is to help people “do the work” and discover their true nature. William is so kind, non-judgmental, and unconditionally loving in his approach in holding space for you to explore your shadow, (the parts of you deemed unloveable). William teaches how to discover your power, how to deeply trust yourself and the divine within you, by doing the work. I highly recommend William as a teacher, mentor and guide.

Melissa Baker - Owner of Asaya Wellness


Working with William has been an enlightening experience. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, and an outstanding transformational coach. I have particularly enjoyed learning about eastern and western mysticism. He has a gift for explaining theology, and guiding others to a complete understanding. I am anticipating learning more from William, as I continue on my spiritual awakening, and development of my soulful self.

Brooke Soto - Freedom Coach


William has gently and beautifully served as a guide and mentor as I navigated some big areas in my life where I was stuck and cycling in a way that I needed at this particular point in my journey. I have worked with psychotherapists and coaches previously, but it wasn't until working with William that I could finally intimately understand and transform the root cause of so many things that have affected my path and growth. He brings to our sessions an authentic guidance and courage to delve in uncomfortable places, and does so with grace and wisdom. He is able to hold space as well as hold me accountable by helping me own that which is mine to own and releasing other things that are not mine to keep. He is a coach who clearly has done his own work and who is in a position to guide others on their journey to Individuation. I'm beyond grateful for crossing paths with him! His passion for this work and knowledge base makes him someone that can truly meet you where you are and guide you on your own beautiful and wild journey!

Sara Ann Vipond - Psychological Mental Health Nurse Practicioner

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