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Welcome to Aion Psychodynamic Coaching

Rooted in the profound insights of Analytical Psychology, the Work of Carl Jung, and steeped in the Western Alchemical and Mystical Tradition, William Apple draws upon this vast Wisdom to guide the Individual towards the empirical Nature and Reality of Self.


William's approach synthesizes elements of Analytical Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychosynthesis, and other Psychological and Philosophical frameworks to facilitate a profound exploration of the self.


The Methodology of this approach is guided predominantly by Socratic Logic and the tradition of Adlerian Psychotherapy and Adler's "Individual Psychology".


Central to this philosophical and psychological approach is the recognition of the "Wounded Child" - or what we would call the "Personal Shadow" or "Subconscious" - and its profound impact on the individual psyche.


Through rigorous inquiry and introspection we endeavor to illuminate the depths of the personal shadow and subconscious and thereby facilitating a conscious and intentional journey with what Carl Jung termed "The Process of Individuation", or the journey towards Self-Realization and "Wholeness".


Each coaching and mentoring session serves as sanctuaries for intellectual and emotional exploration, providing a nurturing environment for individuals to engage with their existential questions and existential dilemmas. Whether navigating personal relationships, professional aspirations, or existential crises, our practice offers a holistic approach to self-discovery and personal growth.


So, if any of this appeals to you, and if you are at all curious, book a "Discovery Session" either through the tab above or the one below, and embark on an odyssey of self-exploration and transformation. Together, let us navigate the labyrinth of the human psyche, unraveling its mysteries and unlocking the boundlessness of the YOU within.

(Disclaimer: I - William - recognize that you may be asking yourself, "Why the 'basic' website". The answer is simple: I live and breathe "not selling". I simply do not care about marketing and advertising, or attempting to "convince" anyone of anything. I trust that if this Work is for you, then it is for you, and I trust wholeheartedly your process. Simple. )

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